Smart agriculture

Smart agriculture: emerging pedagogies of deep learning, machine learning and Internet of Things / Govind Singh Patel. Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2021.

Smart Agriculture

Sommaire :
1 – Machine learning and deep learning in agriculture
2 – Descriptive and predictive analytics of agricultural data using machine learning algorithms
3 – Discrimination between weed and crop via image analysis using machine learning algorithm
4 – Bio-inspired optimization algorithms for machine learning in agriculture applications
5 – Agricultural modernization with forecasting stages and machine learning
6 – Classification of segmented image using increased global contrast for Paddy plant disease
7 – IOT in agriculture: Survey on technology, challenges and future scope
8 – Role of IoT in sustainable farming
9 – Smart farming: Crop models and decision support systems using IOT
10 – Smart irrigation in farming using internet of things
11 – Automation systems in agriculture via IOT
12 – A complete automated solution for farm field and garden nurture using internet of things
13 – Machine intelligence techniques for agricultural production: Case study with tomato leaf disease detection
14 – Clock signal and its attribute for agriculture

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