Urban agroecology: interdisciplinary research and future directions

Urban agroecology: interdisciplinary research and future directions / Monika Egerer, Hamutahl Cohen. Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2021.

Urban Agroecology

Sommaire :

  1. An expanded scope of biodiversity in urban agriculture, with implications for conservation
  2. Complex ecological interactions and ecosystem services in urban agroecosystems
  3. Climate factors and climate change in urban agroecosystems
  4. Restoring soil and supporting food sovereignty in an urbanizing world: An interdisciplinary perspective
  5. Urban foraging: Where cultural knowledge and local biodiversity meet
  6. Agroecology as Public Health: The island example of Tasmania
  7. From individual seeds to collective harvests: urban agroecology as political action
  8. Surveying the landscape of urban agriculture’s land politics: Civic, ecological, heritage-based, justice-driven, and market-oriented fields
  9. Co-producing agro-food policies for urban environments: towards agroecology-oriented local food systems
  10. Holistic pedagogies for social change: reflections from an urban agroecology farmer training
  11. Growing Together: Participatory Approaches in Urban Agriculture Extension
  12. How to study the ecology of food in the city: an overview of natural science methodologies
  13. Navigating Urban Agroecological Research with the Social Sciences
  14. Agroecological transformations in urban contexts: transdisciplinary research frameworks and participatory approaches in Burlington, Vermont
  15. Multidimensional challenges in urban agricultural research
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