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EasyBusiness by Kompass

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IP connection (available at ISARA and ISEMA premises)
Ten simultaneous accesses

Remote access ID and password available below for users identified on doc.isara

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What is EasyBusiness?

It is a directory of French companies, to be searched according to more than 60 criteria (sector and type of activity, location, size…) to identify and contact prospects, partners, host companies for an internship, etc.

How does EasyBusiness by Kompass work ?

You can access the database by IP connection at ISARA and ISEMA premises.

To export business profiles in PDF or CSV format, please contact the Source team to unlock credits.

Check out the video tutorials (in French) for using this database on the Kompass EasyBusiness channel!


Get information on a campany with EasyBusiness (in French)

Prospecting for companies with EasyBusiness (in French)

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