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IP connection (available at ISARA and ISEMA premises)

Remote access link available below for users identified on doc.isara

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Discover Europresse

Do you need to search for news and information for a report or memoir? Do you want to read the latest issue of your favorite magazine online while drinking your coffee? Explore the Europresse database!

What is Europresse?

Europresse is a press and news base with more than 8000 recognized sources of information: regional, national and international press, general and specialized resources, websites, television and radio, biographies, etc.

It allows you to search and consult full text articles from publications covering various topics, and sometimes even directly the PDF versions of newspapers and journals!

How does Europresse work?

You can access Europresse on-site by IP connection at Isara and Isema premises, and remotely after authentication on doc.isara using the link at the top of this page.

If you want to know if a source is present in the database, check the online resources directory!


Information search

  • The simple search allows you to specify the period, type of content and type of sources you want.
  • The advanced search allows you to perform complex searches while being guided by the Europresse interface, which will offer you operators and search keys.

Save, print, and pin results

You can save one or more items using the multi-selection tool, make a PDF export or send them to a printer.

The Pinned Documents area is a temporary folder where the documents you have selected during your research are gathered. This allows you to print, save, etc. in one click. All your pinned documents will be deleted at the end of your session.

The PDF section

In the PDF section, you will be able to consult the latest issues of several newspapers and magazines in full version (identical to paper) in PDF format.

Some examples: Courrier international, Les Echos, The Guardian, Industries et Technologies, Linéaires, LSA, Le Monde, Néorestauration, Process Alimentaire, Points de vente, La Recherche, L’Usine nouvelle… But also l’Obs, Rock&Folk, Sciences et Avenir or L’Equipe !

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