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Borrowing a document via another library : the ILL

What is the "ILL" ?

The Interlibrary Loan service allows you to access documents (articles, books, theses) that can’t be found in The Source catalogue, in our online resources or after a search with Google Scholar.

It is aimed at Isara students, doctoral students and employees. This service is free of charge for the Isara community.

How does it work ?

Please provide the information necessary to identify the documents you are looking for in this form.

Once we have received your request, we will contact the libraries that may be able to provide us with the requested documents.

On average, it will take one week for us to receive the document and make it available to you. This period may be shorter for an article request.

What are the conditions for accessing the documents received?​

For a book, it is compulsory to read it at The Source, no loan is allowed. In general, consultation is for a minimum of two weeks.

For an article, it must be collected in paper format from the reception of The Source. It is for personal use only and must not be digitised or widely distributed.

For a thesis, two options are possible. Either the library sends it to us in paper format, and as with books, it can be read at The Source. Or the library sends us a link that will allow you to access the digitised thesis for a limited period of time.

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