Welcome, International students !

Here’s everything you need to know about The Source (Isara Library)’s resources and services !

Opening hours

The Source is open to the public Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Feel free to come in and ask a librarian anything during your stay !

Both the school and its library are closed during the end-of-year and summer holidays.

What can you do on doc.isara?

First, you can access the library catalogue, to know all about the books, journals, DVDs, maps and thesis available on the shelves.

You can also consult the online resources selected by the librarians.

For each database or digital library, the access procedure is specified : IP recognition, ID and password… Remember to log onto doc.isara at the top of the page with your Isara ID and password to consult all the resources in full text.

Here are a few examples :
Europresse offers thousands of national and international press articles in full text (e. g. Le Monde, The New York Times, LSA, E-marketing…)
ScholarVox is a multidisciplinary e-book platform that provides more than 26,500 titles of books in French and English, available for streaming at any time and from anywhere.

Borrowing terms and conditions

You can borrow 8 documents (3 books, 4 magazines or journals, 1 DVD), for 14 days.

You can request an extension – at the library or via the contact form – before the end of the loan period (1 extension of 7 days, if the document is not reserved by another person).

To view your loans and reservations, go to your Account page (login at the top of the page with your Isara ID and password).

Courses material and FAQ

If you speak a little French, you’ll find on the course material page all the training materials in pdf format made by your librarians. They might be useful for your information search, writing your thesis, creating your bibliographies or using the Zotero reference management software.

Are you in need of practical information ? Do you seek answers to questions about documentary research, the use of online resources, quotation and citation ? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page (in French)!

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